Eyelash Extensions


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What are eyelash extensions?

Single lash fibers that add volume & length to natural eyelashes.  They are curved to replicate a natural lash & are applied to lashes one at a time to create a natural, elegant, luscious look.  These lashes are perfect for special occasions as well as everyday wear.  Kharisma uses faux mink lashes because they tend to hold their curl better.  However, if you are seeking the ultimate in lash luxury, 100% pure mink lashes are available upon request and deposit.

How long do they last?

Semi-permanent lashes can last 4-6 weeks.  The special glue is formulated with a unique bonding agent to last.  They are made to fall out with your natural lash as it ends its growth cycle.   Due to natural & environmental shedding, fill-ins are required every 2-3 weeks to keep them lush & full. Your lash artist will send you home with an aftercare card to ensure the longest retention.

Can you describe the application process?

You will be comfortably reclined with your eyes closed while extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes.  Application generally takes between 90-120 minutes for a new full set.  A fill appointment is usually about 45-75 minutes.  There is a collagen eye pad or tape applied to protect your bottom lashes.  The procedure is so relaxing & comfortable that many clients fall asleep.